February 23, 2021 2 min read

Not many dogs want to get their mouths touched to keep gums and teeth clean.  I'm often asked how to clean dog teeth without brushing. February is National Pet Dental Health Month, however, keeping teeth clean is something pet moms and dads should do yearlong. In case it sounds easier said than done, stay with me for firming answers to cleaning your puppy's teeth.

Pet Dental Health

Cleaning a pet's teeth without using a toothbrush is simple with Zymox Oratene's line of enzyme-based oral hygiene products for puppies. For the last two decades, Pet King Brands has helped puppies enjoy healthy mouths, prevent bad breath, and maintain teeth sparkly and plaque-free without brushing. Since Zymox's Oratene line for puppies is enzyme-based and free of dyes, chlorine, alcohol, detergents, and toxic Xylitol, pet parents may feel secure with their whole line of products. I understand because I use the Zymox products on my own dog.

Which of the following do you believe is true? 

  1. Only six percent of pet parents regularly brush their pet's teeth.
  2. More than 80 percent of dogs will show signs of periodontal disease by age three. 
  3. The increasing concern of antibiotic resistance in pets and people has produced a demand for effective products which function without antibiotics. 
  4. Pet owner compliance is the number one reason pets do not receive adequate dental hygiene on a regular basis.
  5. All of the above. 

If you guessed, 5 all of the above, you got it right.  All of the above statements are true.  Dog parents understand they will need to keep their pet's teeth clean, but a lot of dogs despise having a toothbrush used inside their mouths. The team at Zymox and Oratene understand this, so they invented four brushless products for great pet oral hygiene.  They come in super handy to assist wash dog teeth without brushing.

Oratene brushless dental products for dogs



Pro Tip: The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) recommends a pet’s teeth and gums should be checked by a vet at least once a year. 

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