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Got a cat who eats food at an alarming rate?

This feeder toy slows down your furbaby's eating habits, promotes better digestion, and improves coordination and intelligence!

✔ Non-toxic, high-quality materials:  BPA-free, non-toxic, odorless, and obtains food-grade certification, ensuring an ultra-safe play experience for your furbaby!

Interactive and mentally stimulating: The small opening on the lid won't always dispense kibbles and treats for them to eat! Your fur baby will need to find the "trick" to get all the food from the bowl! Two balls spin around the track to keep your cat's attention!

✔ Portion control: Perfect toy for those who are overweight and need portion control. The small opening ensures your fur baby is fed, but at a much slower pace than mouthfuls at a time!

✔ Easy to wash: Simply disassemble the pieces to clean the inside and outside of the dispenser.

How do I operate my Cat Tumbler Dispenser Toy?

What are the dimensions and weight of the dispenser toy?
- 10 x 10 x 13.5cm and weighs 469g.

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