Cat Self-Cleaning Toothbrush

Help Your Cat to Clean Their Teeth and Eliminate Unwanted Smell

Struggling to clean your cat’s teeth? Have an easy, fun & effortless way to CLEAN your cat’s teeth with our Cat Self-Cleaning Toothbrush! The cat can play with it and at the same time, it will clean their teeth. Your pet will not refuse a toothbrush anymore, especially with Catnip inside!


Why we love this product? Here is why...

  • KEEP YOUR CATS AWAY FROM DEPRESSION & BOREDOM: You can use it to tease your cats, making them happy and solve the boredom. Due to catnip’s effect, cats become more active and alert. Catnip’s strong, aromatic fragrance cheers up your cat and they can hardly tear themselves away from it.

  • YOUR FURRY FRIEND WILL LOVE IT: The fish design is cute and attractive for cats. There is an elastic bag that can be filled with catnip is easy to detach and clean. There are many small holes on the sides of the toy, which can make the cat smell the catnip fragrance easily.

  • CLEANS TEETH & MASSAGES GUMS: Silicone nubs and nodes leave them with clean teeth and healthy gums as they chew on. Cats will play with it constantly under the stimulation of catnip. In the process of biting, their teeth will be self-cleaned completely.

  • BEST OF ORAL HYGIENE: Chewing this toy can help your cats clean their teeth and remove the oral odor. With the catnip inside can effectively clean the cat’s teeth. It reduces the possibility of the abrasion of their teeth and keeps their dental health.

  • SIMPLE TO USE: Just insert catnip pods and immediately attract their attention. And cats will find it very interesting! Made of premium soft but strong silicone material that won’t tear easily.

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