Corner Cat Massage Self Groomer Comb with Catnip

Massage can improve the blood circulation and metabolism of cats and can relieve fatigue. The Pet Corner Massage Brush is a self groom comb with Catnip enabled to get the attention of your long and short Fur Pet.

Cat Corner Massage Brush ismade of high-quality material so that your cat can enjoy the pleasure of being massaged without worrying about being scratched. This is  also a great and safe way for cats who like chewing and is highly recommended for them to help with self removal of any loose hair.

ThisCat Self Groomer will attract the cats’ attention, helping with their massage, combing their hair, all wile being self sufficient. Gentle combing of your cat's hair will allow your pet to feel relaxed, free from any anxiety they might have been feeling.


The cat self groomer can be installed on the wall against a corner/ desk legs, flat wall, or fastened to a cage. You can also directly hold it in your hand to massage your furry friend. You can take off the massage brush anytime you want to clean it up and reinstall it again.


Let your fur baby shine all the way!



  • Type: Cats
  • Material: Plastic
  • Item Type:Combs