Reflective Waterproof Zipper Dog Raincoat

Super breathable waterproof raincoat with a hat to protect your dog from the rainy weather. Made of PU and reflective fabric, safety is ensured while adding a  fashionable touch to the design! The reflective feature improves attention around your dog so to ensure your pet's safety especially during night walks!

The velcro strips on the raincoat are added for and easy wear and  a snug fit. All while being easy to take on and off and flexible to adjust.


Depending on your dog's gender, you may need to cut along the triangle part of the Dog raincoat at the belly part to allow for your male dog to pee. After that there is no need to worry that this would will affect the shape and use of the raincoat.

  • Raincoat will get greased if folded or kept folded without using it for an extended period of time
  • Made of superb quality waterproof lightweight material, it is soft and comfortable.
  • Easy to put on and comfortable for your pet.
  • Removable hat and leash holes are made for easy connection.


  • Type: Dogs
  • Material: PU


The length of the back does not include the length of the collar. Measure the length of the pet's neck to the base of the tail. When measuring, you need to let the pet stand straight and look straight ahead.

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