The FreshPad is a Multi-Purpose Pad

The FreshPad® provides many levels of protection with a soft and comfortable touch while wicking away the moisture to effectively minimizing your puppy's skin irritation. This comprises of protecting crates and carriers during transport, whelping, incontinence, sick/diabetic dogs, protecting furniture and rugs from pet fur and dirt, lining kennels and playpens, protecting surfaces post-surgery, placing under food bowls and litter boxes, and for training or travel with your puppy. Our new innovative design with premium materials offer comfort & waterproof protection, keeping your sheets dry all night. 

Reusable and Easy to Clean!

These washable pads feature a breathable, quilted top layer for comfort, a super-absorbent core that traps moisture, PVC waterproof bedding shield, and a non-slip safety coating. Machine wash safe and extra-durable, cleaning this washable pee pad can be an easy and quick task. Furthermore, it remains odorless and stains free with regular maintenance in place.


Money-saving and waste-free with no more disposable pads!

Eco-friendly pads will prevent waste and stop you from spending money on endless disposable pads! The FreshPad can be washed more than 200 washes on a washing machine without any compromise on its effectiveness when it comes to liquid absorption, and odorless feature.


Can the FreshPads be put in a dryer? 

Whilst air drying is recommended, the answer is yes, these pads can be put in a dryer as long as the temperature is low, to help preserve the pads. 

How can I get my dog to use the flash pad?

 A short training will be needed at the beginning especially if your dog is still a puppy. It is recommended to anticipate your puppy when they need to potty (normally 5-20 minutes after a meal) to place them on the pad when they need to go. Once, mission accomplished, in other words, the potty on the pad, you could reward your puppy with a treat, and use positive verbal cues. It is better to keep the pad in a regular place for your pet to get used to it.

Why is the PetsDoo FreshPad® better than competitors? 

We strive to only work with the best manufactures and source the highest quality material and products on the market. We listen to our customer's feedback and improve continuously.

Can these be used for cats or other pets? 

Our pad is multipurpose and therefore could be used for other pets such as cats or bunnies.

Can my pet chew up the FreshPad?

Our Fresh Pads are much more resilient to frequent chewing than other pads out there, especially disposable ones. Our pads are designed to be chew resistant but we do also recommend keeping an eye on your pets as you would do in general. 

 How long will it take to receive my FreshPad?

Estimated delivery to the USA is between 3 - 7 business days; otherwise 2 to 3 weeks for all international shipping.

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